Tek Yapı İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. offers turn-key service in construction industry for structural and architectural construction works, electronic-mechanical and infrastructure of every kind of construction.
Harmonized teamwork of experienced and dynamic staff teams and continuous training are constant policies of the company. Tek Yapı A.Ş.’s operational principle is professional approach with amateur spirit for the objective of continuous client satisfaction.

Tek Yapı A.Ş.’s objective is to perform in full the construction work undertaken by using high technology opportunities, with materials fit for the purpose, within the shortest period of time possible, and most cost-effectively, in compliance with work safety and environmental rules, and in accordance with client requirements, and all laws, legislations, and standards, and to develop and to improve this objective constantly.
As Tek Yapı A.Ş., for a sustainable future open to development, taking measures required to minimize adverse effects on the environment during all our activities is an inherent part of our work.

In order to support the resolution of global and local ecological problems encountered, Tek Yapı A.Ş. aims to construct buildings with “Green Building” certificate, indicating the implementation of principles upon which a sustainable environment is formed, and to take place among leading companies in relation to this subject.
Tek Yapı A.Ş. detects control points at work processes, and develops preventive systems for non-compliances. The company conducts preventive and corrective actions, and obtains competitive strength by producing quality every time starting from the first time onwards.

Tek Yapı A.Ş. considers improving the health care levels of its employees, the most valuable asset in all of its activities, as a requirement for work productivity. The company considers operations for preventing work accidents and occupational diseases as the basis of constant improvement of its Work Health and Safety performance.
Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems are implemented, and the system is regularly reviewed, and its constant development is ensured. Risks are assessed in relation to work health and safety and environment, and measures are taken for protection from these risks. Hazards are destroyed at source by the participation of all employees.

Tek Yapı İnşaat A.Ş. has adopted the principle of keeping on the track, assumed to be accurate, unhesitatingly in a safe, healthy, environmentally compliant, and profitable work setting, without comprising both code of business conduct and quality, for having Turkey develop and join in contemporary civilizations, and for being beneficial to its employees.

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