Tek Yapı Insaat ve Ticaret A. S. gives turn-key services in the areas of manufacture and application on the construction of industrial buildings with its specialized personnel by managing the demands and expectations of its customers.

Continuing training and working of skilled and dynamic cadres in harmony are the firm principals of the company. The Professional approach with an amateur spirit is the working principle of Tek Yapı A.S for the target of continuous customer satisfaction.

The target of Tek Yapı A.S. is to carry out the works, whose construction it has undertaken, completely with the materials, that suit its purpose in a very short time possible and with the most relevant cost by using the most advanced technology as well as complying with the regulations related to the job safety, environment, applicable law and standards and improve and to improve its target continuously.
As Tek Yapı A.S., taking necessary precautions, which are required for a sustainable and open to improvement future and minimizing the negative impacts of our activities to the environment is an inseparable part of our work.

Tek Yapı A.S develops preventive systems for the inconveniences by determining the control points in production processes and obtains its competitive strength by producing quality every and at the first time by taking preventive and corrective actions.

Tek Yapı A.S considers the improvement of the health levels of its employees, which is its most precious asset in all its activities, as a sine qua non requirement of the productivity. It considers the preventive works, related to the work accidents, occupational diseases; the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance and developing of its company culture in a manner, so it will set an example to the community, as its main principals.

Tek Yapı A.S undertakes to satisfy our liabilities and legal requirements related to the environment; to develop environment management system and to increase its environmental performance; to prevent the contamination at its source; to reduce the waste to the minimum and to decrease the negative effect of our activities on the environment; to provide necessary men, technology and financial sources, required for these activities; to use its natural resources in the most efficient manner; to inform all our stakeholders, particularly our employees on the issue of our environment goals and our targets and to expand the environmental consciousness.

The system is regularly reviewed and continuously improved by applying Occupational Health and Safety, Environment Management Systems. The risks on the issue of occupational health and safety, environment are assessed and measures are taken in order to be protected from these risks. The dangers are eliminated from their sources with the participation of all employees.

Tek Yapı Insaat ve Ticaret A.S has adopted walking on the road, which it considers as right in a profitable business environment, as a principle without any hesitation and making any sacrifice from the quality, compliance to the environment and professional ethic to itself for doing good to its employees; development of Turkey and making it take place amongst the contemporary civilizations.

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